Machine Learning Specialist Diploma

Do you want to enter one of the most growing highly demanded and highest paying jobs in our current time? 🤔🤔

Start your career as a Machine Learning Specialist with the most advanced language of programming “Python” 😍

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Machine Learning is one of the fastest-growing and most transformational technologies of our time, with 2.3 million new jobs opening by 2020 😍


Program Outline:
📖 Python Programming 40 Training Hours
introduction and syntax
data types and operations
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Special Functions
Regular expressions
Python generators
Python Decorators
Multithreading and multiprocessing
Sockets and APIs
Database with SQLite
Building your own server
Introduction to Gui
Gui grid
Gui events
Gui styles
Numpy and matrix operations
Pandas and data handling
Data visualization
Git command line and gui based
Web Scraping for data collecting

📖 Machine Learning with Python 60 Training Hours
Linear Algebra
intro to machine learning
data preprocessing
Supervised Learning
Linear Regression
Multi variables Linear Regression
Gradient Descent optimization technique
Polynomial Regression
Multi Class / Single Class Logistic Regression
Regularization Techniques and application
Support Vector Machines
Neural Networks Intro.
Review on the Hypothesis
Model Representation
Application on MNIST / Custom Data set
Unsupervised Learning
Clustering K-Means
Dimensionality Reduction
Abnormality Detection
Reinforcement Learning (Q Learning Approach)
Recommender Systems
Large Scale Machine Learning
Advice on Applying machine learning
Machine Learning design
Data preprocessing
Customized Study Cases Practice using Python
Hands on Data Visualization Tools (Seaborn & Matplotlib)
reinforcement learning
model selection and evaluation

📖 12 Projects. Your completed projects will become part of a career portfolio that will demonstrate to potential employers that you have skills in feature engineering, building machine learning algorithms, and model deployment.
☛Project 1: Exploring the titanic survival Data
☛Project 2: Predicting Housing Prices
☛Project 3: Finding Donors for Charity
Project 4: Creating Customer segments deep learning
☛Project 5: Dog Breed Recognition
☛Project 6: Teach a Quad Copter to Fly
☛Project 7: Freelancing Projects
Capstone Projects
☛Self-Driving Cars
☛Computer Vision

Duration: 100 Hrs
Schedule: Saturdays, Tuesdays 6PM :10PM (start date 14/9/2019)
Intenstive ML Training Full day schedule on Fridays and Saturdays 9AM:2PM (start date 27/9/2019)
Cost: Enjoy 30% off, Book your seat and get your discount now 😍💪
Elserag Shopping Mall, Residential Building 1, Entrance 1, Nasr City, Cairo
Email: info@epsiloneg.com
Website: https://epsiloneg.com
 Artificial Intelligence School: https://epsiloneg.com/ai-school
Data Science School: https://epsiloneg.com/data-science-school/

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Enjoy 30% off, Book your seat and get your discount now 😍💪

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