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This Diploma based on a marketing-oriented view of business; stressing the underlying principle of
the “marketing concept”; and integrating concepts in relation to consumer needs and
environmental factors which influence him, marketing information, product development,
pricing, distribution, selling, advertising, and promotions.

Marketing Diploma reflects the role of individuals who possess a sound theoretical knowledge & practical experience base in Marketing management & demonstrate a range of managerial skills to device & execute marketing activities, ensure that marketing functions are effectively conducted in an organization or business area.

Marketing Strategies and techniques in marketing management. Application of prior material
from marketing curriculum to problems and cases; outline a marketing plan, and interpret
marketing research data to forecast industry trends and meet customer demands. (Part 1
traditional marketing)
Transformation of the marketing into digitally (part 2 digital marketing)
We can describe the Diploma in one statement “Marketing in a digital world”


Key learning objective and outcomes:
At Marketing Diploma completion, participants will be able to:
✓ Discuss all basic marketing principles.
✓ Define the role of marketing in business.
✓ Create the marketing researches.
✓ Understand the marketplace &consumer by analyzing market information and
different consumer behavior.
✓ Identify the market segments, selecting the most suitable segments, positioning.
✓ Managing pricing decisions
✓ Managing marketing channels and supply chain
✓ Discuss different marketing strategies and process.
✓ Create a customer-driven marketing strategy
✓ Identify marketing opportunities and how to estimate the expected forecast.
✓ Recognize the importance of market transformation to digital marketing.
✓ Understand the buyer personas
✓ Determine your customer’s segments and suitable way to reach them.
✓ Identify the correct measures to set objectives and evaluate digital marketing.
✓ Create a digital marketing strategy.
✓ Create a structured digital marketing plan and budget based on each one interests



  • Marketing Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Product/ Brand Managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Account managers
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Traditional marketers
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Business owners
  • Recent graduates
  • Career Changers
  • Entrepreneurs

Program Duration: 36 hours
Program Language: English / Arabic

Course Curriculum

Traditional Marketing
Why is marketing important & what is the marketing definition? 01:00:00
How the marketing being transforming? 01:00:00
What is the scope of marketing? 01:00:00
What are some core marketing concepts? 01:00:00
How has marketing management changed in recent years? 01:00:00
What are the tasks necessary for successful marketing management? 01:00:00
How does marketing affect customer value? 01:00:00
How strategic planning is carried out at different levels of the organization? 01:00:00
What does a marketing plan include? 01:00:00
What constitutes good marketing Research? 01:00:00
What are the best metrics for measuring marketing productivity? 01:00:00
How can marketers assess their return on investment of marketing expenditure? 01:00:00
What are the different levels of market segmentation? 01:00:00
In what ways can a company divide a market into segments? 01:00:00
How should a company choose the most attractive target markets? 01:00:00
What are the requirements for effective segmentation 01:00:00
What are the different marketing strategies? 01:00:00
How to make a marketing plan? 01:00:00
How the marketing transformed digitally? 01:00:00
Digital Marketing
Who is Your Target Audience? 01:00:00
Acquiring Your Lead Flow 01:00:00
Monetizing Your Lead Flow 01:00:00
Advertising – Create Ads in the Digital Space 01:00:00
SEO – Let Your Buyers Find You 01:00:00
Growth Hacking – Create Explosive Growth 01:00:00
Re-marketing – Re-target your Audience 01:00:00
Web Strategy and Buyer Personas 01:00:00
Blogging for Business Success 01:00:00
Content Rich Strategies 01:00:00
Viral Marketing – No Coercion Necessary 01:00:00
Engagement: Convert more leads 01:00:00
Social Media Management & Monitoring 01:00:00
Turn Fans into Buyers 01:00:00
Optimizing your Strategy 01:00:00
visual communication in social media 01:00:00

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