English language program consists of a full range of communicative English courses at the elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels targeting multiple language needs. The courses focus on accuracy and fluency with integrated skills and strategy-based curriculum that aims at developing the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—as well as improving pronunciation and building vocabulary necessary to function efficiently in the workplace.
ETC’s English language training program features:

High High-Qualityruction:

  • Teachers trained in the use of the latest teaching methods and material
  • Teachers who are native or near-native speakers of English, mature and culturally sensitive
  • Teachers familiar with the needs of native Arabic speakers
  • Teachers trained to adapt to the different learning styles of each individual

Innovative Programming:

  • Emphasis on real-life communication and interaction
  • Training in both spoken English and formal written composition
  • Culturally appropriate material for Arab trainees
  • Focus on clients’ training goals
  • In-class participation with an emphasis on practical application

Professional Equipment:

  • Up-to-date instructional materials
  • Computer software and audio/video technologies to assist in listening comprehension, speaking skills, and grammar lessons

ETC Methodology
The ETC approach incorporates the following teaching methods:

  • Learner-centered approach:
    This helps each individual meet his or her learning needs. Classes are based on a hands-on application of new theories and knowledge, thus providing the opportunity for the transfer of skills to real-life situations.
  • Interactive approach
    ETC classes use a variety of training and learning techniques, including group and pair work, role plays, individual projects, case studies, and self-assessment.
  • Collaborative Learning
    Through this approach, groups of students work together in searching for understanding, exploring solutions or creating a product linked to their own language needs.

In order to register for an English language class, you need to visit ETC’s office and take a placement test. You will then be assigned to a level based on the result.

Program Language: English


Participants will be granted a completion certificate from Epsilon Training Institute, USA if they attend a minimum of 80 percent of the direct contact hours of the Program and after fulfilling program requirements (passing both Final Exam and Project to obtain the Certificate)


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English Language Program

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