3Ds Max design (Architectural course) + Vray + plug-ins

Course Description

Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design visualization software provides architects, designers, civil engineers, and visualization specialist modelling, rendering, animation, and compositing tools to help create cinematic-quality visuals and movies. 3ds Max Design integrates NVIDIA ® iray® rendering technology to help users get more predictable, photorealistic results without worrying about rendering settings, and features lighting simulation tools validated by the National Research Council Canada.

What will you learn

This course specially designed for Architects & interior designers as the following:
• Autodesk 3DsMAX design
• Vray
• Assignments & project
• Selected plug-ins

Who should attend

Architecture Engineers
Architecture or interior background is recommended


Program Duration: 60 hours
Program Language: English / Arabic


Participants will be granted a completion certificate from Epsilon Training Institute, USA if they attend a minimum of 80 percent of the direct contact hours of the Program and after fulfilling program requirements (passing both Final Exam and Project to obtain the Certificate)


Course Outline

• User Interface
o The menu bar, Toolbar, Command Panel & Viewports
o Transforming & Cloning Objects
o Layers
o Groups
o Snapping and Pivot Point Adjustment
• Modelling
o Stack & Basic Modifiers
o Shapes & Editable Spline
o Spline-Based Modifiers
o Compound Objects (Proboolean, ShapeMerge, Terrain, Loft)
o Importing AutoCAD DWG, Revit RVT & Sketchup SKP Files
o Coordinate Systems & Transformation Centers
o Misc. Tools
o Editable Poly
o Advanced Modifiers
• Lighting (Vray)
o Standard Lights (Direct, Omni, Spot )
o Vray Lights ( Vray Light, Vray IES, Vray Sun)
o Intro to Global Illumination
o GI Engines ( Brute Force, Irradiance Map, Light Cache)
• Materials (Vray)
o Slate Material Editor
o Vray Material & Vray Light Material
o Bitmap
o Gradient Map & Gradient Ramp Map
o Noise Map
o Vray Sky Map
o Vray HDRI Map
o VrayEdgeTexture Map
o UVW Map Modifier
o MapScaler Modifier
• Rendering (Vray)
o Rendered Frame Window
o Standard Camera & Vray Physical Camera
o Image Sampling & Antialiasing Filters
• Camera Animation
o Keys
o Autokey
o Time Configuration Dialog
o Trajectory
o Moving, Copying, Deleting & Scaling Keys
o Path Constraint
o Create Animated Sequence
o Rendering Animation
• Advanced Topics
o Edge Copy for Organic Modeling in Editable Poly
o Blend Material & Composite Material
o Mix Map
o UVW Unwrap Modifier
o Selected Plugins to ease Mass Editing
o Curve Editor
o Print Size Assistant
o Vray Frame Buffer
o Batch Renderer
o Distributed Rendering

Course Curriculum

User Interface
Lighting (Vray)
Materials (Vray)
Rendering (Vray)
Camera Animation
Advanced Topics

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