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 Consulting Areas of Specialization and Expertise

Epsilon has miscellaneous consulting expertise in the preparation of studies and applied research in various Managerial, Administrative, Technical, Economic, and Social Skills, as shown in the following:

   Management Strategies and Systems Strategic Planning Studies
   The Application of Total Quality Management TQM Systems Studies
   Re-engineering of Reference and Measurement Studies
   Restructuring Organizations Studies (Administrative and Technical)
   Administrative Policies and Systems Studies
   Privatization of Organizations and Projects
   Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies for Projects
   Human Resources Management and Development of Organizational Structures
   Market Research and The Development of Marketing Strategies
   Planning Systems and Production Control
   Industrial Maintenance Systems
   Development Productivity and Improve Performance
   Competitiveness Development
   Environmental Management Systems ISO 14000
   Industrial Security Studies and the Department of Occupational Safety and ISO 18000
   Studies of Quality and Environmental Systems ISO 19001
   Training Systems Studies Organizations ISO 15000

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