Our Instructors


Ph.D., Computer Vision
ahmed Qattan

--Post-Doc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT --Ph. D. University of Cambridge - Computer Vision --Dedicated and motivated Ph.D. researcher in Artificial Intelligence with hands-on experience in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics. --MIT Media Labs, (measurement and communication of emotions, speech recognition acoustic modeling, language modeling) --AUC: Teaching neural networks, machine learning, image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision. --Current research: using machine learning and deep neural nets in image coloring, image segmentation, secure computing. --MSc, Electronics and communication engineering, AUC --BSc, Electronics and communication engineering, AUC

M.SC., Senior Cognitive Engineer (RPA)
Ahmed Elnajaar

--M.Sc. in Computer and systems engineering --Senior Cognitive Engineer (RPA) at Advansys-ESC --Machine learning technology consultant at TIEC ministry of communication --Senior systems engineer at Robogarden Inc --Research Assistant at CATLab(communications and aerospace lab), Zewail city of science and technology

Mohsen Moftah

--Ph.D., AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY electronics and communication --NLP SPECIALIST at Arab Academy For Science & Technology and Maritime Transport --Post Graduate Studies in Computer Engineering, New Mexico State University New Mexico, USA

Hassan Badawy

--M.Sc., AI TECHNICAL TEAM LEADER ​at INTDV --Artificial Intelligence Researcher (Part Time) at orange labs

M.Sc., Data Scientist
Ahmed Medhat

--M.sc in Operations Research, Statistics & Mathematics. --Data Scientist at AUC

M.Sc., Data Scientist
Doaa Mahmoud

--M.Sc. Of Statistics Big Data Analytics

AI Engineer
Ali Abdelaal

--Machine Learning Research Engineer at Mawdoo3.com --AI Engineer at adam.ai --AI Engineer at Toptal --AI engineer at Botler.io --Certified AI engineer, IBM

Data Scientist
Ahmed M. Emad

--Big Data Analytics Engineer at CIB Egypt --Big Data Engineer at ThinkBig

Data Scientist
Abdo Ghareeb

--Data scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at ANALYTICS PATROLS --Data scientist at Lyra analytics - Part time --Data science Instructor at NTI

Data Scientist
Mohamed ElTouny

--Predictive Analysis at NBE --Senior Big Data Engineer at Vodafone --Sr. Big Data & BI Engineer at e-finance

Data Scientist
Ramez Shendy

--Data Scientist at Synapse Analytics

Computer Vision Engineer
Eslam Ahmed

--software engineer specialized in Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning and Self Driving Cars at Epsilon AI --software engineer at EG-CERT

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